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I'm not implying that we should always pretend or falsely argue that Harvard has aligned itself with the views expressed from the report. What I am asking directly is: Why don't you?

Why attack in the slightest degree? All Tony has to do is inform the truth.. And he does that beautifully.. And the truth is, Coale and Van Susteren need to the two be ashamed of them selves for furthering in almost any way the abusive insurance policies in the coF$..

As for the Bhopal disaster, trust me I’m greater than familiar with he information of the case. Additional, Dow Chemical was by no means in any respect associated with the incident…they procured Union Carbide many years later on and absorbed whatsoever residual liabilities that came from that possession of the corporation’s assets.

The oldsters who allow it to be more than five years tended to stay .But give it some thought – less than 1% of men and women ever acquire just about anything , then The majority of them do not purchase iir want anything , then of those who are persuaded to come back most go away in two months , then with the number of left most depart in two several years .

five million to 2 other traders. In the event the hedge fund was in talks to pledge A different $ten million, Carton told Meli to draw up letter agreements that were ultimately meaningless:

They may be fairly congruent with the philosophies of the COS, and they are posted in affiliation with their Site. I did enjoy your quotation about G. Bernard Shaw, having said that.

Haha I beloved that Tony many thanks. I don’t want to say an excessive amount listed here about myself due to the fact I’m in one of the groups you described. I’m on this site daily much too and I'm able to’t inform you the amount of I’ve gotten outside of what you do. I couldn’t treatment fewer in the event you offend indies or any one else who reads your site.

A little off subject matter listed here but me and mrs viewed the “Heritage from the Eagles” for concerning the check here third time on netflix tonight and when the credits rolled (1st time we viewed them) small and behold it absolutely was Mr.

ETA – This is a fantastic find but how did he swing that? Did everyone study his e book in advance of agreeing to get him over the display? Was he opening for just a JFK conspiracy idea nut guest? SMH

I’m not hooked up to this line of thought… I just didn’t want to offer him the “out” that, it appeared to me, contacting his investigation “drug-induced” provides. Whether or not a number of it was drug induced. It was hardly ever analysis, and I do think we agree along with you on that!

I agree along with you. I’m shocked at how couple queries are requested of significant profile scientologists when credible information regarding the terrible behaviour in the cult is so available. Robert Hammond

But small energy is directed toward obtaining a scientologist out, as it is mostly a waste of your time.

It’s a complicated problem, but we should not avoid inquiring it. I'd personally argue that the overall environment of apathy is maybe part of The main reason why cults truly feel they can exist to start with. Considerably less apathy = lesser brass balls, plain and easy.

In Scientology There is certainly Plainly a double conventional used In terms of celebs. Whilst common people are compelled to disconnect superstars have a pass.

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